All instructions relating to all categories of business should be communicated by e-mail or telephone to the following, for the purposes of coordination and organisation. Details will be transmitted to the appropriate regional office immediately.

RA & A (UK) Limited

24 hour contact details

Spanish Mobile: ++34 667 240 515
Spanish Mobile: ++34 627 462 574
UK Mobile: ++44 (0) 774 784 3585
Gibraltar Mobile: ++350 200 65673

Fax: ++34 951 230 696

Licensing and Insurance Cover

The company is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance for Marine Surveying work.

We also hold Legal Liability insurance through the Great American Insurance Company of New York up to a limit of US$ 2,000,000.00.

  • SIA (Close Protection) License No. 1006564302399941
  • Licensed by BIS UK for the importation, exportation and use of semi-automatic weapons for the protection of maritime vessels against piracy and terrorism.
  • UK shotgun license holder.
  • Registered with the UK Information Commissioners Office – No: ZA232815
  • Licensed with Ofcom UK – License no: 0310531/1 for the use of covert 2-way radios.
  • Criminal convictions free certificate for Ray Ashton last issued October 2016.

Websites for Other Services

Infrared Scanning:
Marine Security: