Message from the Chairman

Our operations primarily cover three aspects now formed as a “One Stop Shop Service” incorporating Marine Surveying and associated services, Investigations and Security Protection; maritime or otherwise. We are strategically positioned in many areas of the world, so as to ensure that our services can be made available to international clients across the globe. We have the capability and resources to arrange any of our services and provide manpower and equipment at very short notice to many parts of the world.

According to many sources the number and size of maritime casualties and incidents are increasing year by year in all regions and we are ideally situated to assist with all aspects of investigation, managing a loss, annual maintenance, refit, surveys or security.

Our geographical locations and extensive network of associates and resources, means that we are ideally placed to be of service to you in the relevant fields and can deal with and solve any problem posed to your complete satisfaction.

The Leaders and Personnel who operate within the company are well qualified and experienced in different aspects of the Marine yacht profession, Investigation and the Maritime Security Industry, together forming a valuable team of Operators, Supervisors, Qualified “hands on” Personnel, Sourcing Personnel and Organisers with both the technical and legal backup required to thoroughly perform the demanding duties sought of us.

We are fully regulated in the Maritime Industry to the highest standards possible as recommended and required by the various organisations and regulations of the seas. We aim to fulfil all aspects required in order to become one of the leading small “One Stop Services” companies in the industry today. We aim to excel in all aspects of the business, to provide the best, most experienced and qualified personnel and a wholly dependable professional service that continues to provide support prior to, throughout and post all projects and operations.

The manner in which we feel we have achieved recognition by clients worldwide can be summarised as follows:

  • The companies are structured to ensure that they comply with all current regulations and Laws.
  • We have devised methods to ensure all changes in regulations are referenced and updated.
  • We ensure a thorough vetting service for personnel is in place and is properly utilised.
  • We ensure all staff attend periodic training courses to enhance their knowledge.
  • We research, update, retain and enforce all local regulations in areas used by our staff including Health and Safety guidelines.
  • We develop strong, unbiased, transparent, professional relationships with foreign officials, agents and related service providers in the terrains utilised, in order to gain trust and dependency and enhance the company’s reputation which in turn benefits the client.
  • We provide a courteous and considerate economical, dependable and highly qualified professional service to the client, with the least business disturbance possible, whilst retaining a high level of advice and implementation on tasks in motion.
  • We periodically research, collate and retain knowledge on all aspects of the industry so as to be in a position to offer professional sound advice to any party requiring such advice.
  • We instil into all personnel the need to act impartially, without prejudice, courteously and professionally at all times when in the field, representing their company.
  • We ensure that accurate records are kept of all projects we undertake.

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