The company regularly carry out hull and machinery casualty surveys on private and commercial yachts as well as assessment of damages to cargo.

Cargo surveys and investigation has been a growing part of the company’s work over the years and assignments involving shipments of heavy duty goods, personal effects, wines, spirits, electronics and high tech components have been undertaken. Condition and valuation surveys on pleasure craft are also undertaken on behalf of insurance companies, financial institutions and private individuals in relation to sale, pre purchase or insurance requirements.

In relation to surveys, we specialise in the use of Infrared camera technology to detect previous damages, water ingress in hull laminates and structural defects, that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Our camera can be used for hull, electrical, machinery and many other applications to detect defects or problems that are occurring or by condition sighted may occur in the near future.

Infrared scans of hulls, require a vessel ashore for approximately 48 hours in order for the exterior surfaces to dry out sufficiently to perform the scan.

Scans are then analysed using computer software to detect areas that may require further attention.

We also specialise in ultrasonic testing of steel and aluminium hulls for defects and wear in plating.

Compliance Issues
Upon receipt of an enquiry for a condition and/or valuation survey, we will study the clients request and provide by return a comprehensive quotation, listing full details of the survey that we will undertake on the particular vessel, followed by costing of the said survey, incorporating our terms and conditions and legal parameters of the assignment.

We are able to provide excellent references to our clients upon request.

The company regularly supervise new constructions, conversions and repairs of all types of yachts. Appointments include management of refits, rebuilds, renovation and repair on all types of motor and sailing vessels, resulting from fire or major damage from other causes as well as conversions of existing vessels.

One Stop Shop Service

The company for some time now has developed a business model in the form of a “One Stop Shop Service” incorporating all of their multiple services in many locations, thereby being in a position to service all clients in respect of Maritime services, Marine Surveying and Investigation on a worldwide basis, primarily based in Gibraltar, Marbella Spain, Athens Greece and Kent in the UK. We are also regularly appointed to perform surveys on larger vessels in many other parts of the world.

The services provided are as follows:

Surveying – pre-purchase – condition and valuation for insurance purposes – casualty surveys on behalf of owners or insurance companies – tonnage surveys – yacht registration – Gibraltar – Isle of Man – UK and Barbados

  • Claims handling and investigative surveying for insurance companies – Worldwide
  • Yacht Insurance
  • Yacht chartering
  • Sales and Purchase
  • Yacht deliveries
  • Yacht manning
  • Yacht management
  • Yacht servicing and maintenance including guardianage
  • Major overhaul/refits and new builds
  • Infrared inspections
  • Ultrasonic inspections
  • MCA Coding through our resident authorised surveyor
  • Spare parts and chandlery items

Between 2014 and the end of 2016, we were involved full time as Project Managers on behalf of owners, in the major refit of a 22 metre quadruple engined fast motor catamaran in Algeciras, Spain. The refit comprised of overhaul, servicing and renewal of all major areas in preparation for luxury chartering in Greece and the Caribbean.

We have a comprehensive team of mainly British specialists experienced and qualified, that we co-ordinate and manage on major refits. We have a selective list of boatyards and engineering shops that we closely work with and with whom we have a close understanding and control over in all our operations and projects.

We provide clients with official cost quotations, engage in regular discussions and provide regular progress reports on work being effected. We work closely to given time frames and agreements on all our assignments, primarily providing an immediate response to all our client´s queries and requirements, thereby streamlining operations from commencement to completion with a backup and follow up service long after the work has been completed.

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